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  • PDC Day 1

    The keynotes have just finished at the PDC and they were pretty impressive. The strong themes coming through are around the UI model that we have in Avalon and the XML messaging subsystem that we have around Indigo. Other bits such as Yukon are more likely...
  • PDC Day 0 - Pre Conference Talks

    so, I've been disconnected from the 'net for a few days because I made a decision not to bring my laptop (circa year 2000, little CPU power, little memory, little harddrive, _lots_ of weight!!!) to the PDC. In fact, I try not to take my laptop anywhere if I...
  • Local news

    Naturally, there's lots of news coverage around the fires burning over here in California. I sat next to a guy in a bar who reckoned they were down to the South of the city but it looks like they're more to the North & East - guess there's a lesson in there...
  • On Queues

    It appears that the British are spending 33 minutes a week standing in queues . I'm not sure if that's meant to include traffic jams but I'm guessing not ;-) I think I should qualify for a queueing rebate as I've just spent large chunks of the last 3 days queueing...
  • Sony PSX

    Just catching up on various tech news stories - this story that Sony's planning to ship their PSX for around $1000 is interesting - it sounds like a pretty big gamble for Sony to move that box from a single market into spanning a couple of markets. I guess...
  • Against the outsourcing trend

    Wow - a company moving against the outsourcing trend - I guess it's a blip rather than any sign of a sea-change.
  • Razor-sharp

    Ok, so this is a weird thing for me to blog but for many years I've had a soap-box (!) topic of shaving and razors so I always follow razor technology to see if there's anything coming out that's going to alleviate that nasty early-morning drudgery of shaving...
  • Generating test data

    I've been working a little with a requirement to generate a lot of test data (100's of millions of rows) into a SQL Server database and I've been extolling the virtues of BCP (for file based data) or the BCP API (for stuff we generate from code) for quite a...
  • Joel's article on Unicode

    Just wanted to flag up this article on 'Joel on Software' about text encodings. It's just a very, very nicely written article - if you don't get text encodings then have a read. If you do get text encodings then have a read anyway :-)
  • Not much blogged

    Does it seem wrong to blog the fact that you've not been blogging much lately? Not sure so I'll do it anyway. I've not been blogging as I've been on holiday for much of the last couple of weeks and, consequently, I've not been tinkering with code bits or anything...
  • PDC Coming Up

    so, the next big block of time in my calendar that's booked up is for the PDC and, to be honest, I'm starting to get quite excited about getting over there. Without spoiling any surprises I think it's going to be one of the most interesting developer events...
  • Tablet PC Dev

    The MSDN show here has a slow about developing for the TabletPC. When the tablets first came out I managed to grab a hold of the Toshiba for a little while just to play with the inking APIs and wrote a little dummy copy of the Journal application that comes...
  • Longhorn Blogs

    This site on the forthcoming Windows Client 'Longhorn' release sprung up whilst I was on hols... MSDN has set up a site too here
  • UI's at PDC

    Interesting story around what may or may not get shown at the PDC in terms of Windows Client UI's